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Riding the Tail of the Tiger

Skills for Trainers Riding the Tail of the Tiger

Have you considered the various roles of a trainer? We have, and it is surely as exciting and adventurous as riding the tail of a tiger! In the past few Capacity Train the Trainer workshops we have brainstormed and discussed the roles of a trainer. And the list has grown! We are amazed at the number of roles and scope of skills required to be effective as a trainer. Here, in alphabetical order, are many of the different faces of a trainer: Actor Assessor Cheerleader Clarifier Coach Comic Conflict manager Counsellor Decision-maker Delegator Demonstrator Designer Disseminator of information Distributor of materials Evaluator Facilitator Guide Implementor Interpreter Leader Learner Liaison Listener Master of ceremonies (MC) Mentor Motivator Note taker Organizer Presenter Questioner Question answerer Record keeper Referee Role model Summarizer Synthesizer Teacher Thinker (on your feet) Time Manager Unbiased supporter to participants Writer Wow! We do all of that? It is … Continue reading

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