Board and Trainer Development

Capacity Now Skills Training Workshop
Capacity Board and Trainer Development
Build confidence! Develop training skills! Be an effective director, manager, or Administrator!

Workshop Length: 12 Hours


The Capacity Board and Trainer Development workshop is a hands-on, fun-filled adventure in learning.  Men and women come with their personal experience and during the 2-day session, they build their confidence and develop their unique strengths to serve as effective Board members, deliver enjoyable presentations, conduct meetings, and manage Board operations.  By respecting and integrating adult learning principles, participants develop the skills and knowledge to construct agendas and lesson plans that translate into rich learning environments.

In the context of establishing effective meeting and learning environments, participants will create and facilitate sessions on topics related to serving as part of a non-profit society team. In a safe, supportive learning environment, each participant will create and test presentations and activities on topics such as effective communication, roles and responsibilities, agenda and meeting management, and code of conduct. Learners will be encouraged to develop sessions and materials that can be delivered again and again to build capacity on the boards and in the communities they serve.

Graduates from this training re-enter their workplace, career, and community and serve on boards with passion, vigor and vision. Each person takes away an armload of professionally designed resources and a certificate to proudly display among their achievements and successes.

Course Goals

Upon completion of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Review and discuss roles and responsibilities of board members and staff.
  • Apply effective meeting management practices.
  • Discuss code of conduct policies and practices.
  • Create and test learning events that can be reused to build capacity with different audiences, including administrative staff and community and board members.
  • Apply adult learning principles and techniques.
  • Develop and deliver dynamic presentations and learning activity plans.
  • Facilitate learning activities, including buzz sessions, brainstorming, and discussion.
  • Use training equipment confidently, including flip chart, whiteboard, and overhead projector.
  • Employ a variety of teaching strategies.
  • Adapt to different learner styles, quirks, and preferences.
  • Create strategies for managing difficult learners and personalities.
  • Incorporate diversity into learning events.
  • Evaluate and self-evaluate delivery of presentations and learning activities.
  • Practice effective communication techniques, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

What You Will Learn

  • How to manage or govern a non-profit organization
  • How to maximize your impact while serving as a member of a Board of Directors
  • What a training plan is and why it is required
  • How to evaluate courses and workshops
  • Adult learning principles and techniques
  • How to develop dynamic learning events
  • How to use a variety of teaching strategies
  • How to adapt to different learner styles
  • How to manage difficulties and diversity

This Workshop is for you if…

  • You are a member of a non-profit board of directors
  • You wish to build a strong board of directors and administrative team
  • You want to help your team by building capacity
  • You wish to provide training as a part of your job
  • You aspire to increase your organization’s reach by facilitating dynamic group activities
  • You want to build a solid infrastructure for your non-profit organization

This Workshop is for…

  • New directors and administrative staff
  • Board members and administrative staff who wish to teach others
  • Trainers with little or no formal training in instructional techniques
  • Managers and staff members of non-profit organizations
  • Experienced board members who wish to revitalize old workshops or create new learning activities and presentations

What you can expect…

This workshop is learner-centered and designed for maximum participation and practice. You will take part in learning circles, questioning, group discussion, role-plays, case studies, brainstorming, games and practical experience. You will fill your tool-chest with tricks of the trade in a safe and supportive learning environment. You will leave the workshop charged and ready to deliver lively group learning activities in your community!

What you will get…

  • Macrolink Trainer’s Toolkit
  • Macrolink Certificate
  • two days of action packed, hands-on learning activities and a lot of fun!

Who will facilitate this Workshop?
Dan Boudreau Workshop Facilitator and TrainerDan Boudreau, President and CEO, Macrolink Action Plans Inc.
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